Monday, February 4, 2008

don't put all your eggs in one basket

, originally uploaded by Joseph Orsillo.

There was a time when life was good. Gmail was a dream come true. Blogger was free and easy to use and Analytics and AdSense were convenient to say the least. But there was one glaring problem looming over the horizon. GOOGLE. As it turns out all of these services were tied to my one google account and about two weeks ago my account was hijacked. No more gmail, google home page, blogging, checkout, docs, calendar. It really felt like my internet connection wasn't working. All of a sudden I was cut off from the world. It finally occurred to me that I might still be able to post to the blog via flickr, even though I cannot log in to my blogger page (so here's hoping I get this right because there wont be any changing it). Numerous attempts to get the account reinstated via google's insane email forms have yielded nothing more than a cryptic automated response pointing me back to the stupid form letters. This may be it from me for a while, which is no real loss because no one reads this anyways. I think its time to check out WordPress.